A suh mi sey


By: Joan Wilson

A time fi wi unite

Joan_wilson.jpgJamaicans, Jamaicans, Jamaicans a can't stress it enough, but unno nuh realize a sey a time wi all start pulling together. Yes, mi know sey inflation a gwaan di world ova but inna Jamaica nuff a di tings dem can hold dung. But yuh know why dem just a fling increase left, right and centre gi wi, cause wi nuh corporate wid each other. Di next time dem haffi raise, chicken, bread, flour and dem tings dey, why we nuh exercise wi free will and boycott it for even a few months.

Meck di pricey tings dem stay pon di producer dem and spoil up until dem realize sey wi just can't teck nuh more pressure. But no, true unno show off mentality, mi pocket soft and mi can only manage chicken back (but den again all dat a get expensive tuh) and yuh can still buy certain meat...yuh tun round teck it cuss mi.

Instead yuh realize sey sooner or lata, yuh a guh feel it tuh and meck mi form a common bond and talk up di tings dem bout di increase unno galang like idiots.

Nah sah, di ongle way da pressure a guh stop is if wi get back to basics and low di people wid dem expensive meat and tings. Come on, meck mi sacrifice fi a few months, and people wid vehicle stop living so selfish, start to car pool if unno nuh know whey mi mean, if some a yuh co-workers dem live inna di same vicinity a better dem put a change toward di gas and all a unno save.

Wi haffi figure out likkle ways fi help wi one anodda, but di biggest one mi si, is wi haffi present a united front wid di price increases and boycott some tings till dem feel it. Memba some years aback when dem raise bread a Canada...di whole country boycott it till it all come down cheaper!

Meck mi fight fi wi pocket, dem a feel it...wi a feel it wuss tuh! A suh mi sey.