Ano everybody you fi wah deh wid


By: Dimples

dimples.jpgMi seh mi av a friend and she seh dat she meet dis cute guy. Him nice and ting and him look like summady she coulda par with. She wasn't looking for some one to settle down wid just someone to date. Anyways dem go out a couple a times. Him carry her go movies and party and she sey him know how fi av a good time. She think all was going well until him seh him ago introduce har to him close friend. She tink the man must rate her to wa'an introduce her to him paari.

So dem go watch a play de nite and she meet de fren. Could you guess and tell mi wah happen? She like off de man fren! But to how she stay she neva wa'an de man fi know and besides the fren was dere wit him woman. So she play it cool. She seh wen she go home de nite she a wonder why she like de man fren and why she neva meet him fuss instead.

About a week pass and she try fi figget de fren 'cause she know nutten couldn't gwaan. So it was Saturday and har man call har seh dem a go out. Wen de man come pick her up guess and tell me who in a the back a de car! No de fren and a different woman. Inna har mind she a wonder weh him odda woman deh. As de night a go on she realize seh de man was a big time playa. Him phone ring every five minutes and is a woman call everytime. Mi sure unnu a wonder how she know seh a woman call him everytime. But we all know seh a man don't talk to a woman the same way him talk to him brethren unless him a 'fish'. Every woman weh pass him a look pan dem wid flirty eyes. Mi fren was so mad. Fuss 'cause de woman sit down like a idiot and nah seh nutten like she 'fraid a him and 'cause she deh home a tink bout dis man weh neva like har and was a big time playa pon top a it.