KLAS FM ends School Tour on a high!


By: Dave Lindo
Photography By: Milton Raynor


The Inseason, KLAS FM School Tour, season came to an exciting end last week at the final stop; the beautiful Runaway Bay Heart Hotel and Institution, in Runaway Bay, St. Ann.


It was excitement galore as the KLAS FM team, Tony Young, Alicia Anderson, DJ Kat and the crew touched down at the Runaway Bay Institute.


The students and members of staff were entertained by performances by the 'original mix up man' Black-er, Nesbeth, Dugsy Ranks, Alibra and Gospel Artiste; Junior Thompson.


Nesbeth had the crowd on their feet and singing along to songs such as "Board House" and "I Love Her". Nesbeth ended as strongly as he started and had the crowd asking for more as he sang his new release, "Guns Out".


Dusgsy Ranks ran up on stage and set the place on fire as he did his big hit song "Wifey" on the infectious Pepper Seed rhythm. Dugsy, through the big response from the crowd had to 'pull up' the song and start again.


It was sheer pandemonium as Black-er stepped on stage and unleashed his arsenal of 'mixup and blender' songs. The students, and yes, ... some members of staff, were jumping in the air as Black-er sang "Later Fi She".


Clothes were flying as Black-er went into "Tek Off Supp'n". The place erupted as Dusgy Ranks accompanied by a female student walked the 'run way' and showed the audience how to 'walk with attitude' as Black-er did the song of the same name.

Black-er ended on a high with songs such as "Now A Days Style" and "No Man Cah Mek Yu Pop Down".


Female singer Alibra showed true class and quality in her performance and with excellent voice range and control, captivated her audience.


Junior Thomspon set the place in a 'frenzy' as he led his audience through a series of praise and worship songs including "Standing On The Rock", "I Shall Not Be Moved" and "New Creation".


The students at Runaway Bay Heart Hotel and Institution gave as much as they got and held their own with some classic performances.

Chief among them were the Heart Of Flames Dancers, Kadene, popularly known as Fatty, who has a really wonderful voice. Producer of the KLAS FM, School Tour, Ms. Alicia Anderson was very upbeat when speaking about the series of school tours. "It has been a really wonderful experience," she said. "We started on January 17, at Kingston College, and went to schools such as Calabar, York Castle, Charlie Smith, St. Hughes, STETHS, St. Andrew Technical and here at Runaway Bay Heart Academy.


All the legs have been a huge success and we want to thank all the sponsors, from YardFlex, Inseason Juicies, Addidas and Pharmaton. Hats off to the hard working KLAS FM team who did a wonderful job."


The tour was well supported by local artistes such as Shane O, Anthony Cruz, Jah Mason, Etana, Dez I, Lenya Wilks, Nekeisha Barnes, Jodian Pantry, Nanko along with Blacker, Dugsy Ranks, Nesbeth, Alibra and Junior Thompson.