Elephant Man blazed through Columbus, Ohio


Story & Photos By: Chat Nuff


Elephant Man passed through Arosa Villa in Columbus, Ohio with a burst of energy last Friday.


The show started off on a high and saw the ladies reaching out for Ele and oh my gosh, he grabbed a girls's hand and hold it on his crotch, whining on it! Then as if that was not enough he invited some ladies on the stage to do the Drop Dead dance and apparently they were not doing it good enough for Ele so he ran them off the stage very crudely saying "get off my b$#@cloth stage! Mi tell yuh fi drop dead and yuh a do some whiney whiney shit!" Poor girls, they never looked too happy about that. But then again who would with language like that and that kind of disrespectful talk. So the girls start to yell "go home!!


After that it seemed like the battle of the sexes as when he started performing again one female in the audience decided to take him on. She took her shoes off and climbed up on the stage right in the middle of the song and was like "excuse me...I wanna dance with you......" Elephant Man then challenged "if you can get pass Ninja Kid you can dance with me..." The command was then given for her to run and jump on Ninja Kid and whine him....she did and she didn't fall, so Elephant Man was like "ok my girl mek me show you something since you think you bad."


With that, the instruction was given for her to put her hands on the floor and back up on him good, following that he hoisted her legs around his waist and start to gyrate vigorously until her breast fell out of her shirt and all her money was on the floor... The drama didn't stop there as while dancing with her, unknown to Elephant Man he ripped his pants front...after several more songs he realized when one of the female groupies tried to trip him...he stopped the music and started cussing again, which had the groupie trying to rip the pants the rest of the way...in the end he had to make his escape off stage. Whew! Was that a stage show or what!