The Aloha Vibes Captures Malibu

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By: Michelle Thomas
Photography By: Marie Mendoza


The World Famous Malibu Inn hosted Hawaiian Reggae band, Natural Vibes. The Vibes fuse pop/rock/rap/reggae which comprises their unique sound. The six members formed their group in 1993 and began performing locally. Their hit performances have made them one of the most popular bands in Hawaii, with an emerging fan base. The Vibes are well on their way to becoming the next major international artist from Hawaii with five albums under their belt and multiple achievements on The Billboard Reggae Charts.


Waves of aloha vibes surfed the oceans seas to the mainland, as the Malibu crowd went into hysterics as The Vibes opened with "Natural Vibrations".


They delivered an energetic performance that transported the audience to a tropical paradise. Fans swayed back and forth, danced, and sang along to classic tunes like, "Put A Little Love", "Chronics", "So Nice", "Balls Rolling", "Into Me", and "One On One". Known for promoting brotherhood and respect, they celebrated as vocalist, Peni Pua'auli and a fan took a shot together.


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