Kirk Davis now on the alleluia side


By: Joan Wilson

kirk_davis_08.jpgDuring his reign with the Shocking Vibes crew, Kirk would thrill his many fans with love songs but in the quiet hours he would be tortured with the thoughts that his soul was not alright with the Lord. "Sometime I would toss and turns, cause I know that if I should die my soul would not be ready," he told YardFlex.

Then three years ago, the demand to make things right in his life became overwhelming as Kirk said he was lying in his bed one night in New York and reflecting and the thought came to him that he need to let go of all other vibes and put God first, there is no repentance in the grave. Still he resisted the urge and continued to do his secular songs, it was a constant battle, but somehow he managed to put the conviction aside as he did shows in Japan, the Caribbean, Europe and other places.

The convictions came on more urgent last year December when he lost his grandmother...from then Kirk knew he was fighting a losing battle. According to Kirk one day in January of this year while driving to Spanish Town a clear distinct voice said to him, "you have to give your life to the Lord or you gonna lose your life." Kirk could not sleep when he got home, he tossed and turned for two nights with that same voice taunting him until blessedly he gave in and called his friend St. Matthew a gospel artiste and told him he wanted to be baptized right away.

St. Matthew couldn't believe his sudden decision, but he managed to convince him that he was indeed serious. His friend finally took him to a pastor who baptized him the same day. Since giving his life to the Lord, Kirk says it's the best decision he has ever made, besides now he can sleep peacefully! Of course the usual temptations are there, but he continues to overcome and press along, changing direction in the kind of songs he now records.

Kirk has since released his first gospel album "Don't Deny Me" which features tracks such as "Peace On Earth", "Let Love Be The answer", "Carry Me Lord" and "Glory Glory".

Next month he will be heading to Kenya for a gospel showcase.