Dobby Dobson


By: Joan Wilson

dobby-01.jpg"Life was one big bowl of jello and condensed conscience was clear, I harboured no bad feelings towards anyone, I was being in tune with the universe. I left Jamaica to reside in New York away from family and most close friends, so my 'friends' were now my new associates or people I had not seen in a long time...and I casually got drawn into a lifestyle that was foreign to me. Night clubs had been a part of my life in Jamaica, what with me having sung with a dozen bands for most of my life, but New York after hour joints were different. These places opened after most legitimate niteries closed, and stayed open into the next day...mostly run without licenses, they catered to a different crowd...into which I assimilated myself. Liquor flowed, drugs prevailed and ladies were easy. It was nothing to find yourself sneaking out of the joint to find the sun high in the sky," were the earnest words of singer Dobby Dobson to YardFlex as he spoke about his rise from hitting rock bottom by the saving power of Jesus Christ.

Today, Dobby his using his experience to witness to thousands and seeing them experience the kind of change he has too. But that change didn't just happen overnight, the catalyst started in 2000 when his mother died. According to Dobby a wave of depression came over him. When he returned to New York the sadness was still with him and no amount of girls or drugs could make him feel any better.

It all finally came to a head one day while driving on Interboro Parkway one night in Brooklyn. Dobby pulled off the road and allowed the tears to flow. "I bawled until I felt totally empty" he told YardFlex.

Things began to look up for Dobby when a good friend of his invited him to a church she had started attending the Bethel Church on Jamaica Avenue in Queens. She invited him to a 5 am service with Prophetess Juanita Bynum. Until now Dobby doesn't know how he got the will power to get out of bed so early for an early morning service, "just think, snow, cold, and getting out of bed!"

According to Dobby listening to Juanita, he didn't know if she was speaking his life or hers. When the tears started rolling down his face he couldn't even tell who he was crying for, himself or her! There was no doubt about who needed Jesus though, that need was so overpowering to recommit his life to the Lord that Dobby Dobson could not ignore it. He accepted and since then there has been peace like he has never known.

Since being saved Dobby has now turned his attention to gospel music However, he still performs his love songs, but he no longer runs the little risqué jokes he used to, as he says the Christian life is no joke thing.

Among the Christian projects Dobby has done is "Those Days Are Gone", "Tomorrow" and "You Raised Me Up". Dobby's new CD "Love Songs For Jesus" is expected to drop any day now.