Whats Poppin'


Wed or not?

don_alaine.jpgA really true sey Don Corleon and Alaine married? Well everybody a wonda and a hope sey one a dem wi officially come out and sey something. But inna fi wi time, marriage a sinting wey yuh proud a and yuh want yuh friend and family fi be apart of. But afta Jamaica nuh stay like foreign when it come to faas people? Well, if a true...YardFlex wish di couple a wonderful life.


Update please

People, unno memba how Neeto Meeks mash up Charah Watson yeye and how di poor girl nearly dead with how him duh har? But a wha really a gwaan wid di case, how come win uh hear nutten more. Somebody please update wi wid how di case a gwaan? It drop, it done, wha?


Bad Bwoy Trevor nuh watch nuh face

Straight, wi like a man who can stand by whey him duh and nuh beat round nuh bush. Suh wha if him do blue movie? Yeah, gwaan duh yuh tings wid Bashment Granny, Shebada Come to Town and now Like Father Like Son. Yea, dem bring di video to light and it show up sey yuh wicked pon certain tings, but at least yuh nah hide like some a dem hypocrites.


Get well soon Rallo

Bwoy dem sey bad luck wuss dan obeah, look how Rallo crash and bruck him foot say. Di last time YardFlex check in wid Big Rallo him still inna di hospital, him sey a him femur bone bruck and fi one minute doctor did fraid sey him a guh paralyse, but thank heaven dem can fix it. But look how di man did a look forward to Victory show inna Manchester wid Bounty and Sister Nancy. But just cool Rallo, yuh did need di rest yah man. Suh just easy yuhself and memba sey wi prayer wid yuh.