A Suh Mi Sey


By: Joan Wilson

Woman unno fi support each odda

Joan_wilson.jpgIt sound hard fi sey, but unno know sey wi woman really hard pon wi one anodda. Yup, di odda day a was reaching out to a girl that got raped and suppose yuh hear di kinda comment whey a come from woman!

Mi woulda did feel betta if a di man dem a sey it cause at least mi coulda sey a just true dem nuh waan admit sey dem bredren coulda do dat. But fi hear some woman task is like dem hate di woman whey get rape or she did a beg fi it. Nuff time mi nah sey dat every woman a angel and even if she did outa road a sell it, di fact dat she pick nuffi gi dah one deh none, it still inna har rights not to and NO man nuh have di right fi force himself pon a woman wedda she a pros or not.

It happen dat one such get rape and listen to some a di comment dem why women pass, "she did a beg fi it", "nobady can rape dat...whosoever will", "she have nutten lef fi rape".

Mi skin crawl when mi hear some a di comments dem whey a fly offa di lips a woman, whey dem compassion dey towards one anodda. Yuh know when it worse, meck one woman eva go sey one entertainer rape har, especially if a one popular one. Now mi nah refer to no particular case suh nuh badda mix mi up. Mi just a talk sey di rape victim harshest critics dem a always one woman.

Di poor woman get violated privately and den get rape again inna public and from the least likely source. Mi feel like sey if we as women was more supportive to each other then we could encourage other victims to come out and talk bout dem ordeal, but no star, wid some a wi tongue...victims fraid!

Fi real a time fi wi start to practice being real sistas and looking out fi each other. Meck a man know sey him fi tink twice before him violate...a time fi support yuh own...a suh mi sey!