Me Best Fren and Me Man


By: Dimples

dimples.jpgMe always hear people a talk bout weh dem woulda do if dem find dem man and dem best friend together inna bed, but me neva know it woulda happ'n to mi a backside! Mi sey mi an' de man together fi five years and me know the girl fi 'bout six years. Me and she work a de same place and she know how much me really love de man. Me is a girl who neva know seh me coulda really love a man so much, the man really take care of me and the sex goooood me a tell yuh.

Now could you believe dat mi did have an assignment and mi did affi go Mo-Bay fi three days but the work was cut short and dem send me home a day early. Me couldn't get fi call him cause me know sey him deh pan night shift and him ca'an tek no phone call. So anyways, me reach home 'bout eleven o' clock de night and a expect to find an empty house. Little did i know dat him and me fren well ina my bed well lock dung.

Me have mi own key so mi open de door and dem neva hear when mi come in, but I was wondering how him gone a work and lef de music a play.

Dem time deh a some sweet love music a play. Anyways, wen I buss the room door mi se the two a dem well a moan an' a groan an' a carry on. The way me frighten me stand up and couldn't move. Me not even did realize seh dem se me. Yuh se wen me realize seh a him and me fren me couldn't decide who fi beat fuss. But mek me tell unu someting, i did give the two a dem a fine bus assing, me neva know a so mi culda fight. Up 'til dis day mi neva love another man and mi no know when mi ago do dat again. It hot trust me!