Can Money Really Make Women Happy?


By: Dimples

dimples.jpg"Money talks and bullshit walks" is a common term used by Jamaicans. Women no longer want "bruk pocket man". So men if you ain't rolling out inna yuh criss vehicle and have yuh money lock some women won't even bother to look your way. As Kartel's song says "Car man ina dem gal yah thought, dem change man like auto parts, no vehicle no romance". And me know some man can agree with him because some women nowadays just looking a man to con.

But the question still remains, can money really make a woman happy? Now you have some of these women who lucky fi find the money man dem, but dem a buss dem ass. Now a so some woman really love money that dem ago stay wid a man weh out fi kill dem? Now memba dis ladies, yuh no have no money fi yuh self yuh affi depend on the man fi everything yuh want. Some time me affi wonder if some women no like feel independent. Don't get me wrong me nah seh woman fid deh wid bruk pocket man but mek sure yuh have sumting fi yuh self so dat if the man run yuh or a buss yuh ass yuh can at least leave wit yuh dignity.

Me know seh a no every woman fortunate fi born wid money or have big job and the way Jamaica a run now it hard fi find a good job or get an education, but at least woman must try fi have sumting inna life. Me no know bout other woman but fi depend pan a man fi everyting no feel nice at all. So ladies, if yuh find a money man or yuh searching for one mek sure yuh av something can fall back pan.

Tell me weh unu think. Can money really make women happy?