Future Fambo Still on the Rise


future_fambo.jpg'Future Fambo', exploded unto the Dancehall scene with the Kung Fu dance, on the Martial Art riddim in the early 1990s. Known as Future Troubles at that point, he emerged as a militant deejay who infused a good sense of humor.

In accordance with this image, he is ready to release his second album,Mada. The balance of humor and militancy is embedded in this album. According to Fambo, songs such as Run Di Place, which is basically blowing his own trumpet as a Fambo, is one of the people's favourite. Drunken Dance and Out will be on the new album.

Promotion has already begun prior to the release of the album in June. He has recently returned from a European Tour, during which he opened for main-act Bounty Killer. "I was well received on the tour". He said. Fambo is also set to travel to New York for a show, where he is slated to perform at Amazuru.

Interestingly, Fambo revealed in a recent interview that his recent hit, Drunken Dance has been banned in certain countries, because of a perceived glamorizing of alcohol addiction. Nevertheless,the popular phrase says, 'no publicity is bad publicity' and as such, Fambo, is currently in the spotlight.

Nevertheless, despite the many challenges, the entertainer says he will continue to work as he believes he still has what it takes to 'run di place'.