No romance without finance


By Buffilous

Buffilous_2.jpgYow, unno notice how tings change yah now. Straight up, nuh bruck pocket man caan come and waan check a girl and expect har fi par wid him. Nah sah, di only way she a guh let off or deal wid him nice is if she harslef well heavy and a look smady fi just have some fun wid.Di fuss ting di woman a guh sey him haffi can let off fi maintenance, suh straight up, no romance without finance.

Di woman dem sey haffy look good and dem haffi smell sweet tuh and dat nuh come cheap. Yup. Dem have a list a work wid, toiletries, food money, bills, panties and nuff a dat cause dem sey some a unno love tear dem off and at di rate whey unno dweet it cost fi keep replacing dem. It’s strictly Victoria Secret and di Frederick of Hollywood please! But den again a wha kinda animals unno a deal wid sah!So if di money nuh run, den a dead stock ting dat wi a talk bout.

Di nex’ ting di woman dem a talk bout is how unno love when dem wash and press unno clothes, but when di light and water bill come unno a frownz fi pay it. Hear mi now star, none a dat around here! But dem lucky siddung a tun slave over unno clothes and haffi a argue fi get money fi pay bills, di time unno teck a do dat unno go look wuck whey a pay?

Still man fi realize sey woman expense fi maintain, she haffi guh do regular check up and dem deh gynecolist bill nuh cheap.Bare essentials include dinner (yuh nuh expect har fit un kitchen slave) movies, (yuh haffi teck har out sometimes, yuh caan expect har fi watch DVD 24/7, shopping spree (den how yuh mean), bills (orpart a it) and di closer yuh get dat dey list gooda increase tuh!

Yuh waan woman…dem nuh come cheap…tink bout dat!