Barbee says "Love him don't bun him"


By: Dave Lindo

*new single 'Love You Anyway' to be released this summer.


Barbee is upbeat about her latest single, 'Love You Any Way', which is scheduled to be released in the summer. The song is sounding good and from all indications should do well for her on the international scene.

The song comes in her effort to take her career to a higher level. "It's a real lovely song, it was produced by Alicia Key's producer Sean Do," she disclosed. "It is a song that is dear to me. It's about when you are in a relationship you should stay true and just stick it out, just love him and don't bun him."

She added, "I just sat back and focused on my music. I saw where I needed to get back to basics. I started taking guitar lessons and voice training because I am preparing myself for the big times. I am looking at the different aspects of the business because that's where many people fail. They are stuck on the small things and miss the bigger picture."

Barbee disclosed that she is also doing acting lessons which was prompted by her getting some offers for the 'big screen'. "Some roles are on the table, some real big opportunities which I am excited about," she said.

Love You Any Way was done on an acoustic, one drop rhythm and will be included on her debut album. "For the album I am working with different producers including Beenie Man, who is the production manager for the project." Barbee explained. "I have a lot of songs working on, with different writers including Rihanna's writer and Alicia's (Keys) writer. We are just fitting the songs right now."

Commenting on the type of album it will be she said, "It's just world music, R&B, little rap, reggae music, that will have an international appeal."

For the summer Barbee will be making some appearances at some top events. "I have a lot of shows lined up, a lot of hip hop shows as well as shows with Beenie Man. I want to say thanks to the people who have supported me. Those who have shown me real love. I really appreciate it because they are the ones who have helped to build my career as an artiste."

Barbee burst on the music scene in 2006 with the big hit single Missing You, a combination with Junior Kelly which is still very popular throughout the world.

In 2007 Barbee made her mark scoring with songs such as Give It Up, a combination with Beenie Man, Candle Light, Paddy Cake among others.

At the EME Awards she won the New Female Artiste Of The Year and Collaboration Of The Year for the song Give It Up.