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8 years for Remy Ma

remy_MA.jpgFor shooting a woman outside a Manhattan night club rapper Remy Ma was sentenced to 8 years. The rapper broke down in tears at the news. "I feel so bad for all the physical and mental pain you've gone through," the Grammy-nominated rapper told the victim. "This has taken a toll on us and both our families. I would never wish you harm and I pray the best for all of us."

The entertainer, whose real name is Remy Smith, had faced up to 25 years in prison for assault, weapon possession and attempted coercion for shooting Makeda Barnes Joseph last July in a dispute over money. Smith, 26, begged the judge for leniency for the sake of "my little boy," saying she grew up "surrounded by failure, violence and poverty," but "made something out of nothing" from her life.

State Supreme Court Justice Rena Uviller said she recognized that Smith had had a difficult childhood, but noted the victim had nearly died and will never be the same physically. Uviller called the rapper "a young woman whose anger is out of control."

After the sentencing, Smith's fiancé, fellow rapper Papoose, began screaming in a hallway outside the courtroom. "All you want is money!" he said, apparently referring to the victim. "Lock me up! Lock me up!" he then shouted to court officers, who escorted him out of the courthouse.

The couple had planned to wed last weekend at the Rikers Island jail, where Smith has been incarcerated. Correction officials said they called off the wedding after Papoose showed up with a handcuff key. Smith's lawyer, Ivan Fisher, said Papoose had a key but denied that it could be used to open handcuffs. Papoose, whose real is Shamele Mackie, hasn't been charged. Fisher said the couple still plan to wed.


'50 Cent Diss Made Me Famous' – Lil Wayne

Lil-Wayne-bm01.jpgBet when 50 Cent called Lil Wayne a whore he never thought the rapper would eventually thank him for it! Yup Lil Wayne claimed that the insult has helped in propelling him to fame.

The 'In Da Club' hitmaker criticized Wayne last year accusing him of taking any job for money.

50 told a radio interview, "A whore sleeps with whoever will pay him. So we gotta call him a whore..." But Wayne insists the insult did him a favor.

He tells Blender magazine, "Man, I have to call him and say thank you. He's catapulted me (to fame). White people know me now. Thank you."

Don't go expecting Lil Wayne to be starting the same war of words anytime soon though as he says "That n---er thrives off that. I am not feeding that tiger. I'm smart. Do you see his size? I'm small. This n---a's the hardest n---a on planet earth. So, no, I'm not dissing 50."