Amara achieving her dream despite set backs


By: Joseph Cunningham

AMARA_edit.jpgTamara "Amara" Mitchell was born in Sydney, Australia on the 21st of May 1987, to a musician father and a former singer, her mother. At age four, she recorded her first song, a child's story about pollution and the environment. As she progressed through Australian schools, she auditioned and was accepted into the Australian National Youth Choir, where she received, for a short time, voice training.

At the age of 12 she began Shalvey High School, where she did two years of dance, drama, and music classes.

At the age of 13, her mother migrated to Jamaica taking both Amara and her sister Jody with her. She lived in St Ann's Bay, and attended Ocho Rios High School, where she continued her studies in music theory, and joined the school band so she could continue practicing her singing.

After a scout saw her receiving numerous awards at her valedictory service, the scout offered her a fully paid scholarship to Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts, which she willingly accepted; and although she only spent a year at the college, it benefited her immensely.

While she was still at Edna Manley College, she began singing backup for Peter Lloyd, who in turn introduced her to some producers such as, Rorey Baker, Sly and Robbie, Dean Fraser and "Snow Cone". Although she only recorded one song for "Snow Cone", which was not released, the experience in the studio helped her to grow as an artiste.

She also linked with a producer and Deejay out of Mandeville named Deejay Chris, of Zodiac music, who recorded and released her first single "Gimmi what you got" which is still playing on radio stations.

She eventually linked with Mario C, at Trinity 7 Records, where she is now based, and recording new singles.

Today she is known as the recording artiste, Amara.

She was formerly known as "Moiya" from, but regardless of her sexy new name, she still keeps that down to earth, cute, fun, sexy and vybzy nature you loved in the days of "Moiya".

"Unfortunately, the account was recently hacked, along with the email account associated with it, and all passwords were changed, leaving me with absolutely no access to it since about mid-October..." Amara tells YardFlex from her home in Australia. "This took place almost immediately after I terminated my
management agreement with "", so I didn't even have any opportunity to inform my friends or contacts about the management and name changes. To make matters worse, this 'hacker' put up a comment claiming that they were indeed the real Moiya and all other profiles were fake, "she explains, "this has made it all the more difficult for me to regain the trust of my former contacts and friends.

Although I recently regained access to the moiyamusic account, it's still hard explaining the name change, hacking and management changes to all the people who know me as 'Moiya' ".

Recent recordings, "I'm leaving Oh No No," and "Take My Breath Away," and "Hot girl", gives the listener the impression that a bonafied star is "riding di riddim". And as for affirmation, she says her fans and well-wishers should expect to see and hear much more of her in the near future despite the hacking.