A Suh Mi Sey


By: Joan Wilson

Teck proper care a yuh pickney dem

Joan_wilson.jpgSorry dat mi nuh check in on Thursday, but fi tell yuh di truth di flu have mi a way star, mi neva know sey it coulda weaken yuh body suh. But a little roots and some herbal medicine and a mi dis again.

Bwoy mi deh pon a campaign dis time fi di children. Being as a child's month mi haffi talk up di tings fi dem. Nuff people a talk bout how dis generation gone to di dawgs and all kind a sinting, but dem eva stop fi tink a who do di damage.

Yuh tink you can have you young pickney and every night you gwan skin out yuhself a dance, a galang like unno nuh have nuh responsibility. Di money whey yuh fi teck send di pickney dem guh a school and buy food gi dem, yuh teck a put up big expensive hairstyle and den left dem fi tun pest to people a road.

Sometime mi haffi wonda, why some people badda have pickney fah. Dem just left dem like leggo bees and open to all kinda influence and den when di pickney dem behaviour out a control society start cuss bout dis ya generation dread.

Parents must start do dem wuck and stop depend pon granny and teacher and heaven know who else. Spend time with unno children, talk to dem, give dem a chance fi talk to unno, meck sure your influence a di one him teck on tuh, cause believe me, if unno doan dweet, smady else will and you won't like whey dem a teach dem either.

Fi all who nuh start a family yet, tink long and hard bout da step whey yuh a meck, before yuh do it. If a just di lovemecking ting yuh want, den protect unnoself. Once you bring a pickney in di world everyting change afta dat.

Anyway, a child's month and a lef yuh wid dis, if you can't stand di heat, tan out a di kitchen...nuh bring nuh pickney inna di worl' if unno prepared fi do good by dem...a suh mi sey!