Jamaican entertainers love mama


By: Joseph Cunningham

happy_mother's_day.jpgFrom the bowels of poverty comes a continuous flow of Dancehall superstars, who record songs idolizing and paying tribute to their mothers' for the guiding hands they provided amidst innumerable negative elements in the ghetto.

The number of songs celebrating "mama" in the Dancehall is too many to mention, however, they all standout.

"Grammy Kid" Shabba Ranks made Mama Christie nationally renowned, from as early as the 1980s. Deejay Merciless said, "Mama's Cooking" is the greatest, while Bounty Killer has made mention of Miss Ivy in so many huge hits, that she is internationally renowned.

On the eve of another Mothers' Day, YardFlex made a link with a number of leading Dancehall acts to have them share their sentiments for Mama.

In an emotional response singing sensation, Serani said, "As the message in my new song, "Mama Still Hungry" purveys, I just want to repay my mother for all she has done for me. I think there is no better way to do this, than to make her live a life of comfort, hence putting an end to her struggles."

Tarrus Riley wishes health and strength for his mother. David Haile (Chimney Records) said, "thanks mom for all the support, I love you and happy mothers day." Further, Bugle said, "I wish my mother could live forever."