Reggae Sumfest 2018

Designer takes dancehall fashion into the mainstream


By: Joseph Cunningham


On local shores, he can be remembered as rubbing shoulders with the "Ouch crew", those Dancehall fashion revolutionaries who could be credited with bringing the 'edge' to Dancehall outfits.

He told YardFlex, "I became friends with the "Ouch" family, who adopted him as their fashion son and taught him a lot about fashion designing.

Today, he has his own clothing line, Lexx Perry; which is one of the hottest lines for street-wears in New York. Lexx says the difference with his clothes is that it is not factory made, but instead, it's "handmade". "When persons wear my clothes they get treated like stars, because what they get to wear is so unique, it makes them standout. Lexx Perry is a luxury clothing line," he asserts.

Convincingly, Lexx Perry is not just another commercial hype... Hip Hop superstars like Ciara and Eve have developed "ratings" for the brand, having worn it on recent world tours. Arguably, this is so, because Lexx Perry, the man, has created international acclaim. He is a major designer for fashion features in world leading Black Men Magazine, he displays his prowess on the very upscale Beverly Hills circuit and does work for the famous XXL Magazine.

He has been touring the Unites States with world renown television series, "Americas Next Top Model" and now the sky is the limit. Having launched his product in Las Vegas, Japan and London. The line of clothing is available in American states, Miami, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Detroit and Missouri, with the opening of a store in Brooklyn set soon.

Reggae Sumfest 2018


Reggae Sumfest 2018