Nuh love too much material tings


By: Buffilous

Buffilous_2.jpgYow, a mi again and dis time mi a talk bout di licky licky people dem.

Mi memba how mi granny used to sey, "craven choke puppy" and she always a quote from di bible sey di love of money is the root of all evil. Fi tell yuh di truth mi neva really understand whey she a deal wid until mi grow up and si what a gwaan inna di world.

Believe it or not, mi have times when mi siddung and hold a meds and it's in one a dem session mi start to reflect and di more mi tink bout it, di more mi realize sey all di problem inna di world come from di fact dat nuff people caan satisfy. Dem always want more, and when dem caan get it, dem go out a dem way fi do whatever it teck fi get it.

Picture dis, some people woulda want yuh fi tink sey dem have harmone problem why dem attracted to di opposite sex, but when you check out di real root a it, tru di man or woman weh have nuff money a let off, mek sum a dem go di odda way, cause dem wah big lifestyle and no wah wuk fi ti...nuh greed dat?

Look how bad mind develop and conflict now, sey yuh get a bligh fig uh foreign come back a Jamaica and sey how much jing bang reach a yuh yard with long list a whey dem want...dem just feel sey yuh guh up and hit one gold mine... nuff a dem nuh waan wuck, but dem long eye yuh success....before yuh know dem a plan yuh downfall.

Den nuh mention di likky likky man dem. Yuh fi hear di big old bark dem, mummy, dada, let off a ting nuh? But si yah, when yuh have pickney big suh! Dem fi teck dem lazy, craven self and guh work...unno follow mi people. A greediness, long eye and laziness a destroy wi world.

Well sah...dis one look like it a guh teck whole heap prayer fi deal wid.