A Jamaican's dream turns into an International Reality


By: Jodi-Kaye Watson

ewan_walker_edit.jpgThe talented Ewan Walker is the well renowned skin care specialist and makeup artiste from Port Antonio, Jamaica. Ewan walker has worked with Elle, Allure, Vogue, Essence and several other International magazines.

The Jamaican culture has been the major inspiration for Mr. Ewan Walker's new product line. This talented skin care specialist has re-discovered Blue Mountain coffee, using it in the development of his new products along with other Jamaican ingredients. This product line which will be available in fall focuses on the Jamaican market with a mascara, a lip gloss and bronzer. As Mr. Walker says "who needs foundation when you have beautiful skin". Women wear makeup to portray beautiful skin so if women have beautiful skin there is no need for a whole lot of makeup. All of Mr Ewan's products are all natural and mineral based.

Ewan Walker started out as a fashion designer but made a transition to makeup and skin care, and has been soaring ever since. This love for beautiful skin can be traced back to his childhood in Jamaica when he used to admire ladies with flawless skin. The transition has brought no regrets career wise but Ewan only regrets not having gone home a little sooner. Ewan visited Jamaica in February for Sean Kingston's party after not visiting home for ten years. Sean Kingston is seen as Mr Walker's favourite client as they both have Jamaican heritage and when around Sean Kingston Mr Walker feels he is at home with friends.

Clients of Mr Ewan vary from celebrities to regular people, but whoever the client the response is always the same. They all love the work of this great makeup artiste. It may seem that Mr Walker has it easy but it is not all a bed of roses. He has faced discrimination and has been oppressed because of his heritage. But Mr Walker has never let this hinder him as Jamaica has made him who he is today not America. America has just provided opportunities for him to achieve his goals.

"Hydroquinone which is called bleaching cream is very dangerous when not used properly, it can be used but this must be done in a way that is compatible with the climate in the Caribbean". The words of the well renowned skin care specialists.

Not only has Ewan worked with the top international magazines but has also been named "Ambassador of Natural Beauty" by the Jamaican Tourist Board. He just wants Jamaican people to know that they should never forget where they are coming from and try to fit in another culture. Jamaica has made him the successful artiste that he is and whatever we as Jamaican want to achieve, our culture should be our inspiration and our backbone.