How long does it take to move on from a failed relationship?


By: Rootzgirl

Rasta-Girl-Posters_edit.jpgGetting over from a failed relationship is not an easy task. For many women they never really do. Even if they get involved with another man, the poor man must bear the sins of his predecessor as she lays everything on him. If she couldn’t trust him and worse if it was his cheating ways that ended that relationship, you can bet your bottom dollar that she is gonna watch him like a hawk, search his phone and maybe get a detective to watch his every move.

On the other hand some women can shake off the hurt in a couple of months and move on like it never happened, she will go into another relationship like it's the first time without any baggage but with a heart open to love and trust again.

It's hard to tell in the relationship game cause men on the other hand have a knack of moving on while he is still in the relationship and the poor woman is the last to know that it is really over.

The amazing thing in all of this and I wish someone would help me to figure it out is that how come men always know when the woman is single again? They don't lyrics you until your man walks out and they seem to find the right words to say to touch your wounded pride.

Bottom line though, how long does it really take to walk away from a failed relationship and can a time span be really placed on healing? I don't know cause some men and women have a hard time letting go, even when one of the partners have moved on, one continue to call and badger even going out of their way to call that new someone in their lives and be rude.

The moving on game is really hard...but ultimately it has to be done...guess the only question is, just how long will it take?