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Usher got it on in an airplane

usher_08.jpgR&B star Usher admitted that he once had sex in-flight at 32,000 feet in the air. Yup the singer swapped dance floor for an airplane on one occasion.

Before you start getting carried away in your imaginations it was a private plane and not a charter plane loaded with passengers.

By doing that he joins the 'mile high club' with those who have tried it. Makes those who feel nervous about flying seem petty huh.


George Clooney Slams Hollywood Wannabe Paris Hilton

george_clooney_swimming.jpgGeorge Clooney has hit out against what he term Hollywood wannabee Paris Hilton, claiming that movie fans should not mistake her success for real talent.

According to starpulse the Oscar winner insists too many young stars think they're good actors, just because they are landing roles and making money.

He tells Rolling Stone, "There is a funny thing that happens when you are a young actor. You equate financial success and getting jobs with whether or not you are good at it."

And he singles out Paris Hilton as one example: "And it still happens. That's why there is Paris Hilton. Now I'm in trouble with Paris Hilton."