Young bwoy and older woman


By: Buffilous

Buffilous_2.jpgYeah man, me Buffilous again. Mi back broad, mi nuh gi two cents whey nobady waa write bout mi. Rootz girl can tan deh meck everyting badda har, if yuh duh dat yuh neva meck a move. Anyway, all a di YardFlex reader dem a mi friend so mi nuh care how dem cuss mi out...mi love almshouse and mi nah tap. And speaking bout mix up and blenda check out dis ya one yah.

And before unno chat, no a nuh mi friend, mi just know bout di situation alright.

Dis 69 year old rasta woman deh wid a 27 year old guy who waan fi marry har. But how she suh lucky. Dat deh young stud waan har fi di rest a har life and yuh have some young ooman whey can't find a man a har own!

Mi sey, mi hear how di man treat har wid maximum amount a respect. Mi a talk bout open car door, pull out har chair meck she siddun, drop har off, pick har up any hours a di night she happen fi need a ride and it seem as if di man contented as long as she deh near him. But wid all a dat, di most shocking part a di whole mix is dat him still nuh sleep wid har yet. Him claim sey him not rushing anyting, him want to marry her and den him visit har promised land.

Bwoy mi nuh know di man sound too good fi be true...a wonda...well so mi get it so mi share it wid unno.

Till mi have more people business nex' time.