By: Jodi-Kaye Watson

GetItInYourMindCoverART_bushman.jpgIt seldom occurs when an album is created with all the songs being a hit. So if you're in the mood for conscious, uplifting, cultural messages and positive vibes then "Get It In Your Mind" by Bushman is the album for you.

This album features singers Richie B and Prince Jabba, as well as, producers such as: Fabon Francis, Kabs, Negus-esh, Dwayne Bacchas, Christopher Pearce, Tramaine Allen, Michael Williams, Togetherness Records, Rawl Productions, Dwight Duncan, Stephen Gibbs, Denovan Germaine, Glen Brown and Royal Braithwaite.

Born Dwight Duncan, in the village of Spring Garden, St. Thomas, Bushman attended the Lysson All Age School, where his music teacher noticed his potential for music and nurtured him during his developing stages. Dwight then went on to Yallas High School where he continued to shine musically as a member of the school choir, participating in numerous school concerts. During his teenage years he became the selector for Black Star Line sound-system and then known as Junior Melody he took part in several singing competitions and talent searches in and around St. Thomas. Gaining a strong local fan base Junior Melody began to sing dub plates for local sound-systems. The rave reviews from the sound selectors and the people of his community encouraged Junior Melody to take his talent to the next level, the studios of Kingston Jamaica, the place to be if he wanted to make a name for himself in the reggae business.

The album which consists of 15 tracks has "a little something" for everyone. The track "Source of Life" tells us that a woman is essential to a man; a woman is like a rose in a garden if you water her each day she will grow. Men do you hear that?
The tracks "Cant Get The Best of Me" and "Higher" speak about the "bad mind" people that we have in the society. We should never let the haters bring us down. No matter how they try they you should never let them get the best of you. What positive and encouraging words!

A song that the men are definitely going to rate is written by Joe Gibb's son called "Scent of a Man" which is about women who are cheating and don't want to admit it. Women who are coming home with the scent of a man on them and just refuse to admit how they come to be wearing that scent. This track is hot!

If you're young, old, or middle age there is something on this album for you. So go and pick up a copy. The album, "Get It In Your Mind" is in stores now.