Di gay dem a guh hard


By: Rootzgirl

Rasta-Girl-Posters_edit.jpgHey peeps, from di odda day mi a hold a meds and kip quiet. Cause whether unno want to believe it or not mi nuh feel suh good when mi read unno comments and si some a whey unno haffi sey. Memba sey mi have an opinion like everyone else and unno nuh si mi a cuss unno off fi it. Straight up mi nuh suh strong like Buffilous cause it come een like sey comment just roll offa fi har back. Although some a fi har friend sem really outa whack.

But mi have something pon mi mind and mi caan kip it nuh more. Mi fed up! Mi tiad! Mi caan teck di way how di fish dem just a teck ova everything. Yuh have money gay, powerful gay, committed gay and di whole a dem a attack di straight people a Jamaica. Not to mention how di artistes dem a feel it. Red Stripe stop sponsor live shows, some artiste caan even perform any and anywhey and pon top a it, it come een like dem waa fi tell wi how fi run wi country.

Wha happen man, how di gay dem a guh suh hard? Dem nah stop till dem get every single soul fi accept dem lifestyle? Tell mi, how much more damage dem can duh. And while mi on mi crusade, whey di people dem a guh duh fi start protecting dem turf. It caan galang suh, fi real. At the di rate dem a guh, mi nah guh can find any man fi deal wid cause if we follow dem, dem corrupt every available straight man wid dem money and mi nuh know what else.

Dem have tuh much chat inna wi country. Straight people, unno start talk up di tings dem man and get a voice, whey unno banner and placards deh, fi guh march sey 'no gays around here!' straight! Well mi get dat offa mi chest, mi wi si unoo nex' time when mi nuh suh bex.