Jamelody's : Be Prepared


By: Jodi-Kaye Watson

jamelody_beprepared.jpgPlanet Reggae always finds room for a great roots, and BE PREPARED! JAMELODY'S 15 track VP Records debut CD, showcase a rare voice: soulful, gritty, with echoes of Dennis Brown and Garnet Silk, as well as Stevie Wonder ; but Jamelody is clearly his own man, and he sings not just for one audience, but for the whole world.

Jamelody is the artiste with the unique sound; his songs not only have a Reggae flavour but also incorporates Pop and R&B. Fans and the public can expect an album with a brand new vibe, a new voice that everyone everywhere can relate to, and this album promises to showcase uniqueness like they've never heard.

Jamelody got his inspiration for this album from the almighty, his friends, family and even enemies. Jamelody is looking forward to the release of this album and hopes everyone will support him. He hopes when the album is released everyone around the world will be satisfied and will know Jamelody.

Two major producers worked on the successful completion of this album: Bobby Dixon and Carl James. Bobby Dixon was responsible for the R&B songs while Carl James was responsible for the roots reggae songs. While Carl James is the professional producer focusing on getting the sound right, Bobby Dixon is more concerned with getting the right mood and feeling.

Jamelody's favourite song from the album is Joy; he thinks everyone should have a little joy in their lives. Fans can look out for the single "Love Crazy" coming soon from the album. Jamelody hopes to do collaborations with Sizzla, Jay Z and Whitney Houston. Jamelody's advise for any artiste trying to make it international is "do songs and perform for the love of it. If you're singing or deejaying do it because you love it and not so much for what you can gain from it".

The album was released in store from APRIL 29TH 2008.