DeMarco crafts more than just beats


By: Joseph Cunningham

Demarco 1.jpgIn Dancehall circles, the name DeMarco brings to mind an artist with a great lyrical gift. The way that he flows and rhymes is very infectious.

He has surged up the ranks with his bonafide hits, "Fallen Soldiers" and "Duppy Know Who Fi Frighten." The latter has caught the attention of international record label, Koch, which is the same stable for international stars like Sean Kingston and Ray J. The cross over appeal of Fallen Soldiers has given DeMarco a three album deal with the label.

That aside, there is a certain revelation that caught YardFlex totally by surprise during our interview with the singjay.

DeMarco is actually multi-talented! Speaking with his manager and having received confirmation from producers concerned, we found out that DeMarco is actually responsible for creating all the hottest current rhythms in Reggae music.

He began making this trek with the Side Walk University rhythm, which features Vybz Kartel's "Beyonce Wine". His dominance is now unparalleled, because he has in his catalog, the Mission rhythm featuring Mavado's "On The Roc" and Junior Gong and Stephen Marley's rhythm track, "Mission."

DeMarco created the Black Rain, featuring Busy Signal's "Pon Di Edge," The Warring 2008 Rhythm, featuring Mavado's "Money Changer," the Gang War rhythm featuring Junior Gong's "One Loaf of Bread" and the Shoot Out rhythm, featuring Mykal Rose's "Police and Thief."

With a deep-seated passion that engulfs his persona, this young man stands out from the rest. With an intense love and enthusiasm for every aspect of the music business – from producing to songwriting to deejaying to engineering – Demarco has his fingers on the pulse of almost every genre of the infectious rhythms of the world. Whether it's reggae, dancehall, hip-hop or R&B, Demarco has written and produced for the best of them. Top names like Olivia, Styles P and Sean Paul have experienced his producing skills, while Bounty Killer and others have put vocals to his lyrics; and in between all that Demarco still finds time to do combinations with other artists and record his own songs!

Born in Portmore, St. Catherine, Demarco is a past student of Ardenne High School. Growing up, he used to 'play around' on a sound he and his friends created called Future Disco. It was during that time that he found out he had a great love of music. That soon led to his performing on almost every community event in his Portmore area. At age 15 he would go to Cactus nightclub and perform every at chance he got.

In 1998, Demarco migrated to the United States...New York to be exact, but he never lost his desire to be involved in the music business. He soon moved to Baltimore where he hooked up with a friend who taught him the intricacies of creating music by showing him how to mix, use the keyboard, sequence and all that complicated stuff. Demarco was so excited about learning about this other aspect of the music business that he was determined to someday produce music. However, with no funds and just a dream, Demarco started doing whatever jobs he could get in order to buy the needed equipment, one piece at a time, to set up his own studio. Soon he had all the equipment he needed to build rhythms. And that he did; night and day, in between jobs, not getting any sleep, or food for that matter...sustaining himself with only the prospect of creating a wicked riddim. When he was through with each masterpiece, he would sell the beat to rap and dancehall artistes and at other times he gave them away in a bid to promote his talent.

It worked! It really did! All those long, hard, sleepless, foodless hours in his customized home studio began to pay off. Demarco started to get attention from artists and managers who wanted him to build rhythms for them, but with limited cash, it was challenging to take his talent to that other level.

Little did he know that his luck was about to change. A friend who was quite impressed with his talent introduced him to Star Kutt Music. The principals behind the company checked out his work and immediately decided that he was worth the investment.

Demarco has not looked back since. Demarco and Star Kutt became synonymous. He began working harder than before, putting out a lot of boom rhythms in keeping up with his full calendar of commissions. He created rhythms for Styles P and Free from 106 & Park, as well as having two rhythms on Elephant Man's 'Good 2 Go' album. He also made numerous beats alongside The Soul Diggaz who are signed to Missy Elliot and were involved in the production of her last three albums.

In between creating rhythms, Demarco found the time to pen lyrics for other artists including Bounty Killer; "Warlord Reloaded" and "Hey Sexy Baby." He has also lent his vocals on a combination with Bounty Killer titled as well as Sizzla titled "Kings and Queens." Further, he has also done combinations "Them Again."