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Beyonce's got one hell of a prenup with Jay-Z

beyonce_jayz.jpgYardFlex gleaned that Beyonce has got the mother of all pre nuptials agreement with hubby Jay Z that could result in adding another $25 mil to her already huge net.

Word is that the longer Beyonce stays married to S. Carter, the more money he pays. The thirty-eight year old Carter's net worth is estimated at $300 million.

It is no secret that Jay-Z adores Beyonce, and was pretty much willing to give her almost anything she wanted. The prenup calls for Jay-Z to pay Beyonce $10 million if the marriage ends after two years, and $1 million a year for each further year she remains in the marriage, up to fifteen years.

"Beyonce would be granted access to their private jet and a fleet of cars, which includes a $1 million 1959 Rolls Royce convertible," this according to a tabloid snitch.

Jay's thrown in a few incentives for having children: He's promised to pay her an additional $5 million for each child she bears for him-for her loss of income during pregnancy and child-rearing years."

Damn, talk about a match made in heaven...go Beyonce...this is what we would call a sweet deal.


Mariah Carey Weds At Her Home In The Bahamas

mariah_carey&nick_cannon.jpgWow! News has been circulating on the internet that Mariah Carey tied the knot with Nick Cannon the 27 year old who was cast as her lover in her new video...but is it a real life situation?

According to several published reports, Carey, 38, married Cannon, 27, on Wednesday. If the pair did indeed wed, it would be a whirlwind romance. Word that the two were seeing each other first surfaced in the last few weeks. Last Saturday, Carey was seen sporting a huge diamond ring on her finger at the Tribeca Film Festival premiere of her movie, "Tennessee," in which she plays a waitress. Cannon was at her side at the party. Speculation swirled that the couple were engaged. was first to report that the two got married, at Carey's home in the Bahamas.

Friday's New York Post also has the pair wed and E! Online quoted a relative of Cannon's as saying that he called his family and confirmed the news.

"He called us and told us all about it. We are happy for him. If that is what he wants then we are happy for him," Linda Cannon, identified simply as a family member, was quoted telling E!

Cannon has put out a rap album, but is best known for his role in the movie 'Drumline' and he's featured in Carey's upcoming video for 'Bye Bye.'

The release described it as 'crafted from platinum and features a square emerald cut fancy light pink diamond as the center stone surrounded by 58 intense pink diamonds and two half moon diamonds on each side. 'The total carat weight of the ring center stone is 10 carats is a jaw-dropping 17 carats with a value of $2.5 million.'

Another secret Hollywood wedding...could it be Mariah is taking notes from Beyonce?