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The following letter was carried in yesterday's Antigua Sun.

Letters to Editor.jpgMusic fest organizers should bear responsibility

Dear Editor:

I want to make it very clear that I have every intention of attending as many shows as my finances will allow for this year's music festival.

The names I have been hearing so far make me believe that people are in for a good time if they find themselves able to go to the shows. I think, however, that I should warn the organizers of the programme to be on the lookout for those artistes who seem to have a tendency to use the stage to put across all kinds of lewd behavior, including questionable lyrics.

There is no intention, on my part, to single out artistes but I find especially the dancehall people tend to go overboard once they see they have a big and responsive audience.

This must not be tolerated in our festival and I can remember a few years ago when a couple of artistes had faced charges because of their use of obscenity on stage.

I hope the music festival organizers have gone through the trouble to tell all the artistes that this country has some strict laws when it comes to things entertainers are allowed to say and sing about while on stage and not get into problems with the authorities. It would be such a shame to know that some of these people come here with the intention to put on a good show and then get carried away to such an extent that they end up in trouble with the law.

It is my opinion that, should there be people who perform in any questionable way, then the organizers must also be held responsible and face the authorities as well.

Everyone has to remember that the St. Kitts Music Festival is for a wide cross-section of people who understand a very high standard of performances for the money they will pay. If they do not get that, then they have every right to feel very insulted and should hold the organizers of the festival responsible for anything that goes wrong in this area.

Peter S.