A suh mi sey


By: Joan Wilson

Artiste fi stand by dem one anadda

Joan_wilson.jpgNow hear what, mi a nuh big big fan a Mavado cause personally a tink him have too much gun lyrics and tings, and when it come to di Killer mi check fi some a him song. But dat a nuh mi contention right now, mi a sey dat di artistes dem too divided star.

Yuh tink if any country dis one a fi mi fellow entertainment writer den dem can get mi fi come up deh come cover anyting, yuh mussi mad!
Now how come Guyana ban Bounty Killer and Mavada from entering dem country, yet dem get one next artiste.... Beenie Man fi fill di slot. Big and serious him shoulda tell dem whey dem can get off and sey if dem nuh waan Bounty nor Mavado, den him nuh waan deh deh either. Now mi know dat everybody waan eat a food and dat tings expensive so when yuh get di chance fi meck a buck, yuh a guh waan teck it, but a time fi di artistes dem come together and start fight back.

A wonda if dem know dat there is strength in numbers. If it nuh meck nuh sense unno try capitalize on each other misfortune cause at the end of the day, if dem can teck whey two artiste freedom a speech, dem wi try teck whey fi unno tuh.

A time fi artiste stop bickering wid dem one anodda and figure out how dem a guh put a stop to all a di sabotage whey a dem face. Before yuh know it, odda countries a guh waan put ban pan dem tuh. If eva there is a time fi unity inna di biz...it is now...suh artistes unno done wid di passa passa and come together...time fi a change...a suh mi sey!