Whitney Houston Loses Her Voice At Caribbean Concert


whitney-houston_tobago.jpgPoor Whitney...don't know what happened but YardFlex understands she totally lost it at a Caribbean concert. While performing in Tobago on Sunday she lost her voice and not only that but she kept saying "I love you Trinidad!" the people were like, "this is Tobago!" But the people were like, "This is Tobago!"

The pop diva was nearing the end of a 30-minute performance at the Plymouth Jazz Festival when her voice became so raspy she was unable to hit the high notes of her hit single "I Will Always Love You." And the star's vocal strain was not her only embarrassment of the evening.

The star, who cashed in a reported $3 million for the gig, gave her thanks to the crowd at the show's finale, shouting repeatedly, "I love you, Trinidad," despite performing in the southern Caribbean island of Tobago.

Oh boy according to reports coming out of that part of the island Whitney seemed totally out of it.