Macka Diamond moving on up


macka_moneygoddess.jpgLast night Macka Diamond made her debut on Royal Palm Estate and we must say she did a great job too. Hmm wonder if we will be seeing more of the DJ in this type of scenario. But that's not the only thing that is occupying her time right now. She was summoned the US Embassy as a special guest performer at their benefit concert in aid of Children First Center in Spanish Town, which is a youth-centered non-governmental organization which operates in the heart of Spanish Town, and helps educate at risk youth children between the ages of 10 and 18.

It all started last December with the Salvation Army School for the Blind, where Macka Diamond and her company, DiamondDistrict Ja. alongside Island Grill, joined forces to give an unforgettable Christmas treat to over 130 students, which comprised of a live performance from the Money Goddess herself, who then played Mrs. Claus and presented them all with gifts. It didn't stop there, because Macka was just at the Mico Teachers' College lending a helping hand to the Student Council Body and their fundraising efforts, by delivering yet another one of her memorable performances.

Then it was Kim Cole from Shortwood Teachers' College who reached out to the Money Goddess and her Company for some much needed assistance in their fundraising efforts to renovate their school's netball and tennis courts. But with all that said, being summoned by The US Embassy may very well be the biggest request to lend a helping hand yet for the Money Goddess. "I wouldn't say that," starts Macka, who goes on to explain that helping is helping, and it is always important to assist, regardless who is making the request. The event took place on Saturday at US Embassy Atrium.