Nuff bad man and bad gyal nuh straight


By: Buffilous

Buffilous.jpgYeah a mi again, di same one whi got it nuff and plenty! Now since as mi a read Joan Wilson story and a check out whey she sey, mi haffi meck a comment. Yeah man mi find out sey a lot a hypocrisy a gwaan inna dis business.

Whey unno nuh admit sey why dis ting suh hard fi fight is because a whole heap a shotta and bad gal a play di same game tuh. Dem lean like wid dem homo and lesbian self. But unno caan duh nutten bout it caa dem wi do pure tings.

Yeah mi a guh talk up di tings dem as whey Spice woulda sey. A good friend a mine did married to this notorious badman...yup, him dead now, but him was one a di biggest fish outa di sea.

But di one tink mi blame har fah she kip up wid him almshouse dem, she haffi f*ck him wid di dildo inna him batty. Now can yuh imagine! And fi meck matter wuss, di ongle way him coulda pleasure har is if him do har inna har behind. Now tell mi, how sick dan dat can yuh get?
And she siddung pon di knowledge sey him a corrupt di likkle youth dem inna di community and meck dem come and gi him blow job...and yuh know what di sickest ting was...yeah when him deh a dance and di DJ dem a lick out gainst di fish dem, a fi him lighter fuss inna di air!

But a nuh just di man dem alone mi a lick out pan, mi a touch di rude gal dem whey gwan like dem criss and inna go-go club a French kiss. Mi hear sey one a dem inna har community she nuh ramp...nuh likkle school gal nuh safe...cause she par wid har bad man friend and lure di school gal dem inna har house...nuff people know and caan sey nutten cause yuh done know.

But a nuh everyting good fi eat good fi talk mi ongle a guh borrow di Killa words dem and sey, bad man nuh fren fish.