What's Poppin'


Ele in Africa

ele_man.jpgYeah man, it look like all di artistes dem haffi return to dem roots and figet di country dem whey a lick out dem lyrics. See deh Elephant Man deh pon one big street jam a Africa and it come een like sey di people dem caan wait fi log on to him performance. A Kampala biggest street jam and it name Smirnoff Rave Street Jam. Back to Africa me sey.


Big tings a gwaan fi Mavado

mavado_julian_edit.jpgWhey dem a duh, whey dem a try...Mavado a still di DJ...unno nuh hear sey dem name him 'Best New Reggae' artiste on Rolling Stone Magazine...outa a all a 125 plus people, places and tings. Yeah, unno fi know sey that is not nuh jing bang recognition. So wha if dem tun him back from States? A nuh nutten dat...tings still a gwaan fi di DJ.


Assassin tuh!

assassin_08.jpgSpeaking of dancehall, DJ Assassin duh one collaboration wid American superstar Usher for the remix of 'Love In The Club' and it feature Young Jeezy and YardFlex undastan sey it will officially kick off Usher's latest album whey name 'Here I Stand' fi June 2008. Fi real, a like di vibes whey a gwaan inna di dancehall. It worth fighting for...nuh true.


Akon Signs Tami Chynn

tami_akon_edit.jpgYardFlex understands that Akon bought out Tami Chynn's contract from Universal Records. She is presently signed to his label Geffen Records and they just finish shooting the video for the single 'Frozen'.