Dohlance and Saylah stars un the making


dohlance_saylah_edit.jpgTheir seriousness mixed with a touch of humour, and a skill at riding a riddim, somewhat similar to that of a young Shabba Ranks, have set the duo Dohlance and Saylah in a class above the rest.

The two have been creating waves on the local entertainment scene with outstanding performances since the start of the year at shows such as Spectrum, Follow Di Arrow and Mountain Dew Stunt Festival. As a testimony to their on-stage performances, they have been receiving rave reviews and garnering more fans on each occasion. Dohlance and Saylah have also made a name for themselves at the Crowing of Shane-O, Galidaz Bounce and Spring Break.

A few weeks ago at Spring Break, the duo created much excitement when they performed in the midst of Dancehall's biggest acts. What should have been a short stint was extended into a six-song set, as the duo was called back for encore after encore. Their popular songs in the Dancehall are currently, "Be Yuh Please," "Wine Pon Me," Yuh Look Good," "Buck Yuh," "Slap It," and "Give It Up."

In an interview with YardFlex, Dohlance revealed that he and his team-mate are focused on making their mark in the industry in 2000&LOVE. "We are in the laboratory developing our unique sound, because that's one of the tings that the people really love about us," Dohlance explained

Dohlance and Saylah will be featured on a soon-to-be-released Reggae compilation album, produced by the production company, Rise Above It International, based in Toronto, Canada. The duo has three songs on the album which, will feature 40 artistes, predominantly foreign Reggae acts.

Born Norwayne Hills (Dohlance) and David Reynolds (Saylah), the two met at a show in 2002 and have been performing together ever since. Dohlance, who is 24 years old, hails from Trelawny, where he was introduced to music by playing the drums and keyboards in church. Being shy was his greatest obstacle, as he realized his talent involved delivering his performances for huge audiences. With the support he received from friends and family, he finally conquered his fears.

Saylah who is 21 years old is from Mavis Bank in St.Andrew. He also discovered his talent in the church and started penning his own songs from the age of 13, drawing inspiration from artistes Sizzla Kalonji and Bounty Killer.

Since teaming up with their manager Palmer G in 2004, the duo has been doing numerous recordings at the Vendetta, Orange Hill and Di Endzstudios.

Their big break occurred with the release of the single "Wine Pon Me", which struck a responsive chord with the massives and was given power play on radio in the latter part of 2007. The accompanying video received heavy rotation on RE TV, Hype TV, Portmore Cable Channel, Music Plus and even on youtube. Their songs can be heard internationally in dollar vans in New York, the clubs in Canada, United Kingdom and Japan.

Dohlance and Saylah are taking advantage of the increased momentum on their career, and promise to make 2000LOVE a very big year for them.

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