A suh mi sey


With Joan Wilson

Joan_wilson.jpgWelcome to this brand new column from YardFlex...it's a chance to air off about any and everything that affects us.

Now, I begin with the biggest gripe of all...the way these gays are holding dancehall ransom. Now, fi real a doan blame dem. If dem is one ting and have dem money and people behind it (no pun intended) whey wi stan up fi whey dem believe in...den all means do.

Yuh know who a blame...de man dem whey love knock off fist and claim sey dem straight...and di one dem whey nuh stop spend dollaz pon woman fi prove dat dem a galis and den at the end of the day a doan si none a dem a campaign sey gay fi stop convert dem queen and left the young jocks dem alone.

Wha unno really a tell mi sey, di gays dem have more money and more people whey willing fi stand up fi a cause dan staraight people?

Why a doan si more dancehall lovers inna Jamaica and foreign a teck it do dem pon di streets, dem a campaign, unno can campaign tuh! Go out deh wid unno banners and sey no gays around here! No violence please, but meck unno voices heard sey unno nuh prepared fi stay one side and meck dem browbeat unno favourite artistes dem offa di stage.

But si yah, a dem alone have mouth. Yuh know wha, unno too laid back and a allow dem loud voice fi browbeat unno. It gawn bad when all Red Stripe a pull out from sponsoring Sumfest. Whey unno a guh wait fi happen next? Promoter stop book dancehall artiste and gi unno pure foreign culture? Nah, mi a lick out now, suh unno betta join fi mi voice and start fight fi unno owna culture...cause di nex' ting unno a guh know unno a guh have gay artistes, gay dis and gay dat...a suh mi sey!