Why Caribbean men don't want to support their youths


By: Rootzgirl

Rasta-Girl-Posters.jpgI have a very important question to ask and I am not bashing anyone right now...but seriously why is it that Caribbean baby mothers are having a hard time getting support for their kids?

You were having a nice time with the man, he treats you fine ...everything is dandy and then the woman gets pregnant...but then for whatever reason – he messed up, you mess up...who knows...at the end of the day the relationship is over.

The sad thing is that the man forgot he broke up with you...and not the child in question and to add insult to injury he will only take care of the child if you are still in the mix.

One woman who was involved with a man from the Caribbean vented her frustrations to YardFlex, "Him teck di madda fat and a fry di pickney dem. Him damn well and know and understand the psychological part of it...sometime a feel so emotional imbalanced especially as is more dan one me have to look after."

On the flip side of the coin, some mothers are now ignoring their children and mistreating them just because the man is no longer around. It's even worse when the kids come out 'dead stamp' of the father, the ill treatment is multiplied then! But credit must be given to the strong sisters out there who in those cases become both the mother and the father for their kids – giving them a balanced environment, nurturing and bringing them up the best way they know how with the result being the children are even more balanced than those coming from two parents home.

At the end of the day, I just have to say that some of these fathers just need to be more conscientious about handling these situations. It doesn't matter if the relationship has gone sour, the responsibilities are still there. Spend quality time with your children and take good care of them. The same goes for the mothers, it's not about the man it's about that child you brought into the world, stop taking out your anger and frustration on an innocent victim.