It look like some woman love beaten


By: Buffilous

Buffilous.jpgYeah man a mi Buffilous and dis time, mi mad, cross, angry and miserable, cause mi really, really tiad a di fool fool woman dem out deh who siddung inna situation and galang like sey dem love it. Although mi done come to di conclusion dat some woman just enjoy when dem man buss up dem face and tun dem inna a punching bag whey boxer use.

But den again, maybe dem tink sey a love di man a show...mi nuh really know cause mi have dis sicko friend a mine whey meck mi feel like mi waan gi har two lick just fi have sense. Cause she claim sey nuff time she pick argument wid har man just fi him get vex and lick out har backside and den when him done him gi har a proper fixing...damn! Den she so obsessed dat she doan trust him one inch. Di minute him tun him back and left him phone careless a she dat inna it a search through it. She look fi girl names and gawn inna di message outbox, fi si if him a send out any sexy message to any woman...and if she come cross anyting suspicious, she get vex and fling it a grung and dats the last of a good working phone...mi nuh have to tell unno what come after...yeah more lick him in har backside and den dem meck up again. Jeez!

But peeps, yuh know di sickest ting of all she claim sey sey she love when after him beat har, dem meck up and is a di best sex a har life she get! Lawks, a whey di world a come to man. It suh sweet dat all di nex' day she pick argument again and repeat di cycle. It get so bad, dat even if people hear him a kill har dem nah interfere cause dem know she enjoy it...somebody please help da woman yah!

Me kno a nuff unnuh out deh tan like har, so some a unnuh nuh badda gwan like seh a she alone tan so. All a di ooman dem weh love wen dem man beat dem and den mek up afta, mek it known.