Bounty Killer attacked in Guyana


bounty_guyana.jpgRodney Pryce aka Bounty Killer was attacked during a performance in Guyana on Sunday night. The night was marred by a faulty music system and sporadic gunfire, this according to reports.

The performance, dubbed the "Ignition Concert" featured several top Jamaican artistes.

According to reports out of Guyana, the show was well attended but constant audio mishaps and an abrupt end to the event enraged patrons who paid up to US$25 or over G$5,000 to enter the National Park for the event.

Bounty Killer
was the closing act at the concert and despite public appeals for him to tone down his lyrics, it is reported that his songs were controversial.

Gunshots reportedly rang out in the arena minutes before Bounty Killer went on stage and again when the show came to a premature end.

As a result, patrons sought shelter on some of the wooden stands during the shooting.

Managing Director of Wildfire Productions Jonathan Beepat said the police fired two warning shots to control the crowd after Bounty Killer's performance was interrupted by technical problems.

However, the police have denied firing any shots.

Prior to his performance, the local gay community in Guyana had lobbied the organizers urging them not to allow Bounty Killer to bash gays.