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By: Anthony Turner

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Reggae living legend Ken Boothe proved he is still at the top of his game, as his 60th birthday shindig attracted well over 2,000 music lovers who squeezed inside New York's hot spot Mangoville to celebrate the special occasion. When the curtain fell at 5am, it was former Heptones lead singer Leroy Sibbles and Boothe who were deemed the top performers of the night.

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Sibbles had his way with fans as he crooned vintage hits "Fatty Fatty," "Love Don't Come Easy" and "Party Time." And just when fans thought they had gotten enough, the talented reggae artist grabbed the bass guitar and strummed some of the popular hits he played, back in the day as a session player at Coxone's Studio One Records.


A dapper looking Ken Boothe, was again in fine vocal form, as he eased through "Silver Words" "When I Fall In Love," "Every Thing I Own," "Artibella," "Puppet On A String," "Saddest Song" and "Moving Away." Singer, Ed Robinson sporting a new "afro" had the ladies on their feet, comforting them with "Knocking on Heavens Door" and his new hit single "Rise Again" while Melodians lead singer Tony Brevette, performing as a solo act, held his own, warming the hearts of fans with songs from his vast catalogue.


John Holt was another crowd favorite, wailing on hits like, "Love I Can Feel," "Ali Barber," "Wear You To The Ball" and "Police In Helicopter." Toward the end of his set, patrons were even invited to sing-along as he accepted requests from fans.

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Both Ken Boothe and Winston 'Merritone' Blake were presented with Lifetime Achievement Awards by the organizers for their contribution to the music industry.

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Kudos to WB Radio and Winners Circle Radio for another top class production.

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  • NYC

    Great show and turn out excellent. It was a one love for all. See if it was a younger crowd fight would have dun bruk out with all those people only elbow room was dey.

    Big up mi singer and drummer ED ROBINSON ah u tek di show even though di local radio man did not show respect dem only want to fight to bring on di Jamaican artists dem and not di NY artist - Fire bun dem for dey disrespect.

    Big up Ken B u did your thing and continue doing it.

    Ricky mi agree wid u 1000% let ms. james go sid dung and clean she own back yard.

  • Nelly

    I was at this Show, it was a wonderful..the performers was Wonderful, Ruff Stuff Band gwaan Good..everything was good, except di heat wey inna di deh di hot, too much people.

    Ricky - i agree wid you. Miss James this info wasnt called for. wey we want knuh this how wi knuh if ah tru u a talk

  • ricky

    bwoy, ms. jennifer james is people like u when we a sh*t inna bush and see u passing we have to siddung inna it cause u nuh mine yuh own damn business. if u cant just wish the man happy birthday and no have nuttin else to say just shut yuh damn mouth. did the mother tell you she need any financial help from the man or if she want her business all over the internet. next time if yuh nuh have nuttin to say keep yuh r***sss shut. BIG UP KEN BOOTH living legend fi real.

  • party time for the 2,ooo crowd who dont know that ken boothe have one grandchild inna care sake a him son with the same name like him ken boothe junior over england london.The mother who did married to him she left him and him never stop run down him xwife and fight with her until social service tek weh the woman child. The mother still have the social sevice inna court a fight fe get back her child me want the whole a the world reading this now, and all who was at that party pray for the mother to get back her child.

    me hear say the boy tell him wife say if she dont tek him back him ago mek her suffer without her baby me all hear say the boy no want fe go back a Jamaica so him a do anything fe stay and the mother of his child and him own child him mek a suffer in care and the mother a pay lawyer some big money fe get her child back and still a stay pon top as one of the london female dj me nah call her name has she a go thru so much but nuff ones know her but if you see her u would know say she ago thru so much pain and she still help others in the music industry she is so strg. black woman and i wish her all the best at court to get her child and every one should wish her the same. The grandfather of the child ken boothe should send some of that money to help the mother to get out her child from abuse she got in the foster care mother,happy birthday good singer.

  • mr goodlife

    ken booth look like an old jabba

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