Giants of the 80's a massive success


By: Bridgett Anderson


The Mas Camp was transformed recently into the likes of an 'old time' dance hall with two sound systems Jammys, from Waterhouse and Scorpio from Marverly along with a host of artists from the 80's. It has often been said that 'good music will stand the test of time' and this magnanimous Horseman production proved this.


The star-studded line up did not disappoint the patrons who were there to enjoy this musical treat. Juggling by Black Scorpio was reminiscent of the 80's with selections being drawn by artists both here with us and those who have passed on.


Couples were seen doing the good old 'rub-a dub' a rare scene in the 21st century dance hall.

Just past midnight, it was show time and MC for the evening, Shaka Fame got the live action started. Every performer was in full form that evening and the only female on the bill shone as brightly as always. Lady G, with her voice consistently as strong as ever, delivered all those back in the day hits of hers, while others like: Courtney Melody, Admiral Tibet and Burro Banton brought the audience on a fantastic and nostalgic memory lane ride.

Belting out a slew of hits, these back in the day hit-makers proved they were up in years but definitely not cold. Burro Banton jumped and pranced from one side of the stage to the other and even offered up one of his newest hot tracks. John Wayne joined him on stage dressed for guerrilla warfare; and he came, fought and conquered with his musical contribution.


Mr. Fresh Flourgan belted out his 80's hits and had the crowds singing along with him. He took a moment to reflect on the state of the music today.

When the "Cool Ruler" Gregory Isaacs hit the stage, his hat 'kotched' on his head; he seemed to only whet the crowd's appetite with three of his hits; leaving them wanting for more. Gregory came back however, with a one line encore, singing "Lets Give It a Try."


Comedian Professor Nuts, juggled more than one song on the same riddim. He paid tribute to Nicodemus who had passed on and was his teacher; then Jammys and Scorpio took the stage for the 'Final Chapter'. Shaka flipped the coin and it was time for Jammys to kick things off with the play off dub for dub. Jammys appeared to be under pressure this time around and drew selections from out of the 80's but all in all the night belonged to Scorpio who finally nailed Jammys with Calypso Rose's dub. It was clean fun and good music for everyone to enjoy.


Admiral Bailey started off the second segment of Giants Of The 80's. He experienced some technical difficulties with the microphone and when fixed, he explained, "When tings not going right for you, you must know when to quit." And that he did, after his short but spicy set, showing the crowd that he still got it.


The festival man himself Tinga Stewart represented well, as did the melodious crooner, Sanchez, whose voice was sounding sweeter than ever. He sang all the old time favourite church choruses. "It is always a pleasure to listen to this artist," one audience member said. Sanchez invited Galaxy P to do a number, after which he ended his amazing Set.


The final performer for the morning was the Grammy man himself Mykal Rose. His signature sound cannot be mistaken and although quite a few people had already left Mas Camp, those remaining thoroughly enjoyed Rose's set.


This production brought out patrons like: a favourite lovers rock crooner Beres Hammond; Jimmy Riley, Donovan Germain and Leggo - just to name a few.


YardFlex congratulates Horseman for doing a production like this to bring back the vibes of the old days, where people went out, danced and enjoying themselves without fear. Nuff respect.