Veronica Campbell-Brown headlines at Reebok Grand Prix


Campbell_large.jpgIcahn Stadium, New York will be 15,000 seats larger come May 31st as organizers expect mega crowds for the Reebok Grand Prix during this Olympic Year.

Another big reason that they will be heading out to the Randall's Island site will be to take in the headliners, who are all mega track stars in their own right.

World Champion sprinter, Veronica Campbell-Brown is one of a short list of top ranking Olympians who will headline at the event. Liu Xiang, a major Chinese track star and Lauryn Williams, who was the highlight of 2007's World Championships 100 meters, join Campbell-Brown as headliners.

All three are headed to Beijing and between them they have achieved 11 medals – six of them gold - at the 2004 Olympics and 2007 World Championships.

Recently married to Omar Brown who is also a Jamaican sprinter, Campbell-Brown has been ranked as most likely the most powerful female in the world of sprinting for 2008. She will return to New York as not only an Olympic 200 meters Gold Medalist, but also as a 100-meter World Champion, following her gold win in Osaka last year.

The Reebok Grand Prix begins at 5:00pm. Go to: for more information.