Reggae I-Tunes website launched


reggae_itunes.jpgA new initiative has come out of the United Kingdom to boost reggae music even more. Reggae I-Tunes was launched at recently and its full service website gives visitors the opportunity to above all else, access samples from international reggae artists as well as independent artists and labels from around the world.

"This has been some time in the making, and we are pleased with the launch of the site. The people told us that they wanted a full service website and we are happy to deliver. It is our intent to provide them with the best experience, while generating revenue for and from our viable industry," said Steven Angus, President and CEO of Reggae I-Tunes.

While the site is all encompassing of everything to do with the reggae culture, its online store that facilitates unrestricted purchasing of any music heard on the site, has already become a source of pride and not to mention profit for the new company owners. When music is purchased, a portion of the sales is paid directly to the artists and producer, Reggae I-Tunes reports.

The multi-faceted site allows those who log on to enjoy a diverse mix of Reggae music by way of their radio component that operates, using their extensive and growing music library.

Distribution, marketing and a wide gamut of services are available at the new Reggae I-Tunes site, making it well worth the visit to check them out.