Stop Plan fi di man dem pocket


Buffilous.jpgBwoy peeps mi did kinda caught up di odda day in a some tings, not even coulda get time fi scratch mi head much less siddung round computer, but di drama dem now stop come mi way. But a get a real sweet one and mi caan help but share it wid unno.

Mi know di man dem a guh like dis ya one yah, cause some a dem tiad a di woman dem whey just a lay wait dem pocket like dem gi dem anyting fi pudong in deh...yeah man unno know sey a true. Some woman come een like sey dem nuh plan fi guh out deh go look it fi dem self. Dem just waan siddung and meck plans fi di man dem pocket.

Serve deh one yah right whey mi a guh tell yuh bout...di rich man from upstate carry mi go out a one restaurant and whey yuh tink di ooman duh...she guh order US$385 worth a hors d'oeuvre, nyam it and siddung comfortable tink sey di man a guh pay fi it.

Mi sey she mussa want fi piss up herself when di man git up, kiss him teeth and sey, "not even my wife a nyam $385 wut a food and walk out lef har!"

Now mi sey pram pram fi deh man whey have sense. Him stuck har wid har owna bill...and guess wha mi nearly pop up when mi hear how she haffi a call har friend dem fi come and carry money gi har fi pay fi di food...and mi same one haffi end up guh...just true mi did waan fi teck shame outa har yeye.

Mi gi har di money and a good tongue lashing pon top a it...mi warn har sey she must stop meck plans fi di man dem pocket, cause when she a plan dem a plan tuh...and if any odda woman out deh whey tink dem can always outsmart di man dem...unno tink twice...turnabout is a damn backside.

Mi wi si unno nex' time