Ashanti says new song on cheating was about herself and Nelly


ashanti_nelly.jpgLooks like Ashanti may be ready to open up about what went down between her and rapper Nelly. According to Ashanti is expected to directly discuss her relationship with Nelly - and how it made its way into the lyrics on her new album The Declaration.

A source from Ashanti's camp told the web site that Ashanti's looking to come clean about everything. "Ashanti's been very guarded in the way she discusses her personal life - and I think that's hurt her. In her new album "The Declaration" she's not afraid to open up and let fans into her life."

After the question was asked whether Ashanti's new song "The Way That I Love You" was about herself and Nelly, the insider told the site directly - "Yes!!" Here are some of the lyrics to the song:

After all of these times that we've tried
I found out we were living a lie
And after all of this love that we made
I know now you don't love me the same

The way that I love (The way that I love you)
The way that I love (The way that I love you)
The way that I love (The way that I love you)

I woke up kinda early today
And something told me from that moment
It wouldn't be the same
It felt like you were hiding something
But I didn't push it
I didn't complain or say nothin
I tried to act like I didn't see it
Cause deep down I knew I didn't want to believe it

But there it was, it was you and her
You left your sidekick on the nightstand
And I read

Everything you did, and everything you said and
And now I'm standing here looking like damn..
I thought it was you and I
Now all I got to say is why?