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Marilyn Monroe sex reel sells for 1.5 million dollars

marilyn_monroe_4.jpgAccording to a report in the New York Post a 15-minute film clip of late movie legend Marilyn Monroe giving oral sex to an unidentified man was sold Monday to a businessman, who chose to remain anonymous, for 1.5 million dollars.

The film is a copy of a 1950s black-and-white 16-millimeter clip owned by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, whose first director Edgar Hoover tried but failed to prove the man in it...who never shows his face was US president John F. Kennedy.

According to the daily news, the clip was sold through an intermediary identified as Keya Morgan, who apparently found it while filming a documentary on Monroe, who died in 1962.

Kennedy, who was rumored to have had a sexual relationship with Monroe at some time, was assassinated in 1963.


Rob Lowe's Nanny takes him and his wife to court

lowe_rob_07.jpgThe Nanny diaries have now hit the courts and the public are now wind of the allegations.

Jessica Gibson filed a sexual-harassment lawsuit against Lowe and his wife, Sheryl Berkoff, Monday, one week after the actor filed a preemptive civil action against the employee, citing breach of confidentiality.

According to E! 24-year-old Gibson, who is being represented by camera-friendly attorney Gloria Allred, filed her 18-page complaint in Santa Barbara court. Among the more damning allegations, Gibson claims she was sexually assaulted, battered and harassed by both Lowe and Berkoff and, to top it off, wasn't properly paid for hours and overtime she worked.

Per court papers, Gibson claims the former West Wing star repeatedly exposed himself to her and inappropriately touched her, alleging that he "placed his hand inside Gibson's pants in order to touch her crotch" several times between September 2005 and January 2008. She also alleged that in December 2007, the 44-year-old "grabbed Gibson's buttocks without consent."

As for Berkoff, Gibson said the 46-year-old makeup artist walked around the house naked, made vulgar comments and frequently discussed her sex life with the allegedly unwitting nanny.

In the wake of the filing, Gibson and Allred both turned up on the Today show Tuesday to further advance their cause. Gibson said she twice tried to leave the Lowes' employ, only to return each time asking for more hours. She kept working, and coming back, because of her fondness for the Lowe's children and her fear of celebrity retribution. "I love the children, I needed the job, and I always thought it would get better and I was scared," she said.

She finally resigned for good on Feb. 24, informing the couple via email.