Anglican Church Leader Backs Gay Dance Ban


Archbishop_m1094395.jpgNow it is clear that we are heading for trouble with this gay war...when the church gets involved and gets on the side of the immoral struggle.

Adding yet more fuel to the fire that is the Anglican Church's debate on homosexuality, the head of the Anglican Church has backed a church school's decision to deny gay students' request to bring same-sex partners to a school dance.

Several gay students at the Anglican Church Grammar School 215 had requested to take their partners to the Year 12's end of year dance. Current policy dictates that one can only attend with a member of the opposite sex, however.

The headmaster, Jonathan Henman, had said that tradition was only opposite sex couples went to the dance, although he was open to discussing the issue with students. However, he believed the dance was to emphasize interaction between members of the opposite sex. For now, the policy still stands.

Anglican Archbishop Phillip Aspinall said he was behind the headmaster's decision to deny same-sex couples entry to the dance.

Aspinall said: "I have no personal objection to a school deciding to allow boys to take friends who are boys or girls to take friends who are girls to school formals."

He added: "But I understand in this particular instance the school has decided that its approach is to emphasize the interaction of young men and young women and providing them with an opportunity to do that in this kind of formal setting. And I have no objection to that either. I think that's a reasonable and legitimate approach."