Teens and sexuality


By: Rootzgirl

Rasta-Girl-Posters.jpgWhat in the world has taken over our teenagers...it seems as if, a few years from leaving the womb, their hormones have gone into over drive!

Jamaica is facing a serious problem with teenagers who are now the aggressors in pursuing sexual relationships with bus drivers, taxi men and whoever is willing to fork out the measly sum they are asking for.

YardFlex took to the streets to get more information on this new crisis facing the country. One bus driver related: "Bwoy, nuff time mi haffi remind myself that a have a daughter at home and a wouldn't like nobady fi mess har up. Yuh have some real brazen schoolgirl whey just waan fling it pon yuh suh. It teck a strong heart fi ignore whey some a dem a offer," he said.

One taxi driver was not so conscientious when it came to picking the fruit, "Dat dey cherry pick long time, cause when mi deal wid har, di way how mi go in easy mi couldn't believe. She tell mi fi gi har $500 and she wi let off. If mi a get a bargain mi a guh teck it of course!"

The sad reality though is that these girls need help, but few seem to want to take on that task. The other day a video was circulating on the internet with a student of the Norman Manley High school having sex with a boy on the steps of the building. Another boy could be observed in the video giving directions as he video taped the act.

We need not mention the countless other videos of other school girls caught giving oral sex, having sex on the bus, engaging in no panty Thursdays...it seems everything has gone haywire and both young girls and boys have traded their morals for a few cheap thrills.

One parent told YardFlex that this has arisen because, "A lot of parents just lef up dem children to cable and all odda kinda influence because dem too lazy fi be real parents. What yuh expect?"

Teenage sex is rampant, as is the increasing number of teenaged pregnancies arising out of these activities, one thing is for certain, something needs to be done...before there is no hope for this generation.