Mavado's problems seem to have no end


mavado_guyana.jpgPromoters of the Linden Town Week in Guyana are looking to bring dancehall artiste Mavado to headline a concert during the celebrations this month end. However there are some individuals who are against Mavado performing there because of his promotion of gun use in his music. They argue that this is not the type of music that should be promoted at this time in a nation still recovering from two massacres in which 23 people were cold bloodedly gunned down. This according to a story posted on insomniac slacker web blog.

A sample of the DJ's lyrics was posted on the site to bring home their case against him.

Dem ah chatta dem ah qwaril
Yo mek mi rise di double barrel
For di christmas dem nuh talk bout nuh sorrel
Gangster nuh qwaril when we shoot we nuh chennel
Gunshot inna you forid
Boy gun dem ah war wid AK mi drive inna mi car wid heartless killers mi parr wid (yeah easy)
Wid mi gun mi ah squeeze
I am not alieyah just believe me...

Another example brought to the fore is the shooting case he is now dealing with. According to them he is making every effort to live up to the bad boy image he portrays in his song. Still the site found some amount of humour about the DJ as they mocked the fact that the 'gangsta for life' got robbed in Toronto.

To quote from the web blog "I'm no sociologist so I wouldn't go so far to say Jamaica's crime situation, among the worst in the world, may have something to do with the ready promotion of a gun culture by some artistes. Music could influence both positive and negative behaviours, don't need a PhD to know that, but you've got to wonder how the land of reggae is affected by this spawn. Here’s what one Jamaican journalist had to say about the issue: "We prefer the fantasy of pretending that we are still dealing with Marley, while dodging the fact that we are dealing with Mavado, 'the gangsta for life' who recommends death to informers who would help us to put away brutal criminals, terrorists and rapists."